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Veterinary Services in Orange County

Surgical Services for Pets VETERINARY SURGERY

Our Veterinary Surgery Suite here in South Orange County has a Positive Air Flow System that enables us to maintain a more sterile environment for the surgical care of your pets. All pets receive a pre-anesthetic relaxant to make it less stressful for them. Isoflurane is the only gas anesthesia we use because of its excellent safety record. All pets are kept on a Pulse Oxygen Monitor to check heart rate and blood oxygen levels and a Warm Water Blanket to prevent hypothermia during the procedure. We include a pain relief injection after surgery at no charge and follow that up with pain medication when the your family member goes home. We follow American Animal Hospital Association surgical standards- sterile gown, glove, drape and 1 surgical pack per animal.

A Pre-anesthetic Blood Panel and an IV Catheter are required on all surgical patients. This is to catch any underlying metabolic problems and minimize any anesthetic risks. We also recommend a pre-op ECG to catch underlying heart problems that could be life threatening under anesthesia.

Emily and patientWe strive to make our post surgery care second to none. Your “family member” will be attended by one of our surgical team members personally until they are fully awake. For smaller animals this literally involves someone holding them and for larger animals this means someone is sitting with them on a comforter. This insures that they recover with minimal stress.

We want to make your pet’s surgery as safe and comfortable as possible and we provide the extra personalized effort to do so.


We recommend at least two Physical Examinations a year on all pets.   They age seven years to our one so twice a year there is a lot happening in their bodies.  Like their human parents, frequent physicals are insurance that any issues get caught early.

If your pet has been in recently for an exam for another reason and it’s only vaccinations you want, we have Technician appointments where you pay only the cost of the vaccinations. We feel this is more appropriate than Vaccine Clinics as there are actually appointment times instead of standing in line exposing your pet to other animals while you wait around for your turn. A technician looks at your pet to make sure they are in good health to receive the vaccination and answer any questions you might have.


In addition to annual physical examinations and vaccinations we provide in-house laboratory testing and analysis of your pet’s health to insure it stays in peak condition. Our facilities are absolutely state-of-the-art and always kept up to the highest standards of veterinary medicine.


We have an in-house Laboratory and also 2 pick-ups a day for the outside Laboratory. All of this to insure the best medical treatment for your pet, whether it is routine or an emergency.


Our fully stocked Pharmacy is provided for your convenience. We stock everything your pet will routinely need to keep him/her healthy and happy. Please ask us for recommendations for flea, tick, intestinal parasite and heartworm prevention. There are also many options for arthritis care in older pets. Please let us help your older pets enjoy a better quality of life.


Dental care is a very important subject for your pet and a high priority for us. We will check your pet’s teeth at no charge to see if they would benefit from a Dental Prophy.

Pet DentistOur Dental Prophy under anesthesia takes approximately 1 hour. We do complete oral radiographs, a full ultrasonic scaling, polishing and Fluoride Treatment. Your Pet is kept on a Pulse Oxygen Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor and Hot Water Blanket during the procedure to insure their safety and comfort. We use only the safest gas anesthesia available for your pet. We only do extractions when absolutely necessary for the health and comfort of the pet. When extractions are necessary, we do take post extraction radiographs to insure the procedure was complete and proper.

We also have a Technician that comes in once a month and provides Non-Anesthetic Dental Prophys (Gentle Dental). Although non-anesthetic dentistry is not as thorough as those under anesthesia it is ideal for the pet that has medical problems with anesthesia or where age may be a concern.

PET Pet Housing and BoardingBOARDING and HOUSING

Our Indoor boarding for dogs and cats is separate from the hospital patients. Kitties even have their own room. Each pet boarding area has its own climate control and is maintained at a comfortable temperature 24 hours a day. Natural sunlight via Solatubes are in both dog and cat facilities. For those pets who are unsure about boarding or have special needs we have an Isolation Room that is nice and quiet and where they can see what is going on in the hospital. We include three walks per day at no additional charge as opposed to the typical two walks. Additional walks and play times are options that owners can add to their boarding package. Technician exams for all “family members” staying with us are included at no charge. Spacious runs as well as Large, Medium, and Small cages are available. You may choose the size as long as it will accommodate your pet comfortably.


We offer basic grooming.

Baths – We offer bathing Monday through Friday and all baths include Conditioning Bath, Nail Trim, Anal Glands and Ear flush.

For more extensive grooming we can provide a referral for you to an organization we trust.


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